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EXHIBITION / Wiener Pixel

Urban Design Studio, 2021/22

Research Unit of Urbanism and Design, TU Wien


Wiener Pixel

An exhibition of selected student work from the past six years of the Studio Urban Design and landscape architecture at TU Wien




Supervision: Johannes Bretschneider, Nela Kadic, Miriam Kühler, Ute Schneider, Max Utech

Core Team Exhibition: Merve Canga, Victoria Frieda Fricker, Christina Eva Sophie Haslauer, Sebastian Lettner, Mia Neustädter, Berke Onay, Laura Sauter, Inessa Schandler, Cosima Sima


Extended Team Exhibition: Laura Estermann, Nikola Jelavic, Theodora Miladinova, Patrick Rottensteiner


Construction Team: Nikola Dzuteski, Erik Face, Julian Fellner, Leonardo Haglmüller, Edna Mirkovska, Klaus Vonmetz

From 10 to 17 October, an exhibition by the Urban Design Research Department of the TU Wien took place in the Naschmarktparkplatz. On display was a selection of student works that were created over the last six years as part of the course "Studio Städtebau und Grundlagen der Landschaftsarchitektur". Wiener Pixel are 1x1 km sections of the city that the students have dealt with intensively over the course of a semester. This resulted in diverse urban visions and designs for alternative forms of the urban. The now more than 100 pixels show a different image of Vienna between utopia and everyday life. 

The projects were shown in the form of drawings, diagrams and models in a labyrinth made of construction fences. In the integrated Stadtlabor (city lab), students and teachers from this year's design studio worked on initial ideas for 10 new pixels in parallel workshops on site during the course of the exhibition with a collective mapping. 

The exhibition served as a space for discourse and experimentation for students, architects, planners and interested visitors and was intended to stimulate a creative exchange of knowledge. The aim was to bring current and future ideas for the city of Vienna closer to the city's population in order to reflect and discuss them together on site

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