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CONFERENCE / Transformative Spaces Paris

Research Unit of Housing and Design and Research Unit of Urban Design, TU Wien


Presentation of the publication "Paris transformatif" followed by inputs of Parisian planners and a discussion about current transformative processes in Paris in the frame of the event:

"L'espace urbain parisien comme lieu de transformations / Transformative Räume Paris" at the Institut Francais Autriche.

The conference was organized by publishers Angelika Psenner and Max Utech with collaborators Valerie Assmus, Dana Faridani-Rad, Simon Hanen, Felix Höhne, Sebastian Lettner, Susanne Stampf and Thomas Volker.

Three guests from Paris shared their views and expertise and joined the discussion:

Anita Peböck-Barthelemy / inFABRIC

Julien Gicquel / APUR

Yvan Detraz / Bruit du Frigo

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