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ACTIVISM / MA16 Dinner

tangent.COLLABORATIONS (Kathrin Herm, Mirjam Stängl, Max Utech)

Activist performative Dinner of MA16* about future remembrance practice in Vienna 

13.03.2023 / Brunnenpassage / Vienna

In the frame of the Initiative Bunker16 – Artist in Residencies
In cooperation with KUNSTHALLE Wien

funded by BMKÖS / Perspektiven Innovation Kunst

MA16 Dinner_02.jpg

"What will remembrance culture look like in 100 years? Which stories that are still forgotten today will be remembered in the future? How will history be written in the urban space of the future? Who is writing it all? MA16 invites you to dine, dream and discuss together. For one evening, an open space for networking, sharing experiences and ideas will be created. Let's celebrate and create visions together for a discrimination-critical and multi-perspective memory practice."


*MA16: The Municipal Department for Democratic Historiography and Memory Practice in Urban Space (MA16) is an artistic-activist intervention by tangent.COLLABORATIONS and accomplices. It sees its task in advancing the vision of a living and multi-perspective memory practice, opening new spaces of thought and discourse, and supporting and networking current political struggles around monuments and history writing in urban space.

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