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ACTIVISM / MA16 - for a living monument

Performance in the frame of WIENWOCHE, 2021


tangent.COLLABORATIONS teamed up with activists and experts and designed a bureaucratic vision:

The MA16 is an open, multi-perspective and inclusive platform for a living memory practice in Vienna manifesting itself physically and digitally. The goal of this artistic-activist intervention is to open up new spaces of thought and discourse and to connect different current political struggles around monuments and narratives in urban space:

Dear people in Vienna! We would like to invite you to the annual celebration of the "MA16 – Municipal Department for Democratic Historiography and Remembrance Practice in Public Space". "The MA16" was founded exactly one hundred years ago - on the 12th of September 2021. One hundred years of networking and discourse: we abolishes, unveiled, exposed, unlearned, reinvented. Let‘s celebrate together and reflect - what have we already achieved and what are our visions for the future? 

Date: 12.09.2021, 3 – 5 PM

Place: Karlsplatz, Vienna


CONCEPT: Eleni Boutsika Palles, Zuzana Ernst, Kathrin Herm, Mirjam Stängl, Max Utech 

DEVELOPED IN COLLABORATION WITH: Eduard Freudmann, Elena Messner, Susana Ojeda + Daniela Paredes + Imayna Caceres + Marcela Torres (Kollektiv Antikoloniale Interventionen in Wien), Lisa Bolyos (Plattform Geschichtspolitik), Ljubomir Bratić (Archiv der Migration), Savo Ristić (Initiative zur Errichtung der Gastarbajteri Denkmals), Suzana Milevska

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